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Questions and Answers

If your question is not answered below please get in touch via the contact form.

How do I get my finished illustration?

I will be sending a link to you from my account that will allow you to access and download the file. The file will be over 25mb so emailing is not a possible for most folks. If you ever have trouble accessing the file please reach out.

In what format will the illustration be sent?

I will send you a PDF if it is Vector Art and a .jpg and layered "TIFF" if it is Pixel based. These files are large. I am creating these at a fairly high resolution 300 dpi at 16X20. If you want to do a poster print please let me know before I begin. I can always decrease resolution but adding does not look good.

How much does it cost?

I have 3 different prices based on my speed and style. $150 for black and white,  $250 for vector with a simple background and  $350 for a pen and ink and watercolor style with a complete background. If you want to add another "actual" person to the illustration. Someone who's likeness is important, that is an additional $100 per price point. If it is just situational and I don't need to make it look like someone, then it is the original price. 

Can I get a poster or print delivered instead?

Absolutely. I will still send you the digital file but I have the ability to send it printed on Canvas or heavy stock paper for an additional price. I will add the price of the item through the vendor and a small $15 set up fee. I have not found the perfect vendor yet and I don't want to risk sending you the something that doesn't fit on the canvas or paper properly. 

How do I pay?

You can pay for the image through the website or I can send you a request through PayPal or Venmo. I will be adding options for delivery and design along with easier options in the very near future. I will shortly have a small "deposit" option so you can maintain your place in line as my list grows. 

Will my finished image and story end up on the Blog??

That is absolutely my plan. It may end up in other places too. I will keep it off the blog for a while if you are doing this as a present but would love to have the timing right so I can tell the story when you present the image. If you don't want to share the story please let me know and we can discuss. 

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