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Nymbol's Secret Santa. Book one of a Series.

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Please "Click" on the image to go right to the story. A Free Download further down.

Many Years ago Nymbol was invited to The Whidbey Island Center for the Arts to perform in their Holiday Show. Nymbol, Nymphaea and Blarney did a short performance and told a story of a then recent Run-In in with Santa. All these years later I realized that only the few hundred folks that saw the show ever heard this story. I recently dug it out and with Nymbol's help, along with quite a few others, it is now here in a form more folks can enjoy. Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you enjoy this tale. If you click on the photo it will take you to an online flip-book version.

To download a complete "pageflipping" version please click on the image below.

Once downloaded unzip the file and hit the "Nymbol's Secret Santa. HTML" button.

Please download as I am not sure how long we will be leaving it on FlipBooks.

It has been an amazing journey working on this story and bringing it to life through Nymbol's eyes. If you enjoyed this story please consider Donating a little to "Nymbol's Art Fund" so we can feed Nymbol and keep him in paint brushes. Any amount helps more than you can imagine. "Nymbol's Secret Ride" is next on the list and if you ever saw our performances at FaerieWorlds, the Hillsborough Ren Faire, or a Pirate festival you have heard the story. Now we want to bring it to life on the page.

Click on the image below and Download a Nymbol Coloring page. We will post finished versions on Instagram if you would like to share. #Nymbols

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