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Just an Ordinary Guy

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Steven Payne is absolutely the opposite of Ordinary.

Steven is a friend of Lex Rudd who is an acquaintance we made thru some of our puppet hero worship. She was a Finalist in Jim Henson's Creature Shop series and an amazingly talented artist. I was honored to get her call early after putting out the word I would be doing some custom bicycle art. "I have this really interesting friend named Steven Payne. He is a really interesting guy. You should look him up." Lex said.

I did and was hugely impressed.

Steven is one of those guys you suspect walked into a stone circle a few centuries ago and was magically transported forward in time. He now spends his time trying to find his way back in time through various herculean pursuits. For instance, riding his Ordinary from London to Paris dressed as a chainmail-clad crusader. No panniers, no kit, just sleeping in the rough on the side of the road. Then there was the time he bounced his "Space Hopper" over the Alps. You read that right. Let that sink in. Lex was a joy to work with to get all the details completely right. Initially, I had drawn a "Hippity Hop" and not a "Space Hopper." Those discerning folks can see the difference in the background of the image leaning up against the wall. The background is based on a vintage photo of Steven's hometown in England.

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