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The Tale of Two Sisters (Part 2)

After Finishing my previous "Megan the Vanquisher" image Nathan said he would like me to do a drawing of his younger sister Amie. Nathan sent me about 20 photos of he and his sister in a variety of fun adventures. They were all great and I could really see her personality coming through. There was one photo that was just her feet with a trail and mountains in the background. They were covered in "plasters" and tape. When I asked Nathan about it he said "her feet were a wreck! But she is so tuff she just kept going!" She was also the reason that Nathan first swung a leg over a bike and that alone puts her in the pantheon of a great sisters in my mind.

"Oh, and did I mention she was the Navigator on a B1 bomber for 8 years and she has her pilots license?" Nathan wrote. "You could of lead with that!" I thought about snarking back but then my mind flashed with images of Amelia Earhert and the golden age of flight. Then a question struck me. Who were the first female fighter pilots? She was a warrior after all and although I don't know the actual numbers, she must be ahead of her time in the AirForce.

Turns out there were really early female fighter Pilots. Starting around 1937 Sabiha Gökçen flew in the Turkish Airforce. During her career, she flew around 8,000 hours and participated in 32 different military operations. She was the world's first female fighter pilot. As you can see I loved this photo and used quite a bit of it for inspiration.

Back to the image of Amie. The plane rendered in this illustration is a sister plane to that of US ace Eddy Richenbacher. His had a top-hat logo and number one on it. I found the goddess graphic on Amis's Facebook page and loved it. There were no comments or references but I am assuming it is "Diana the Huntress" and perfect for the side of the plane. It also really related to the image I had already created of her sister so that connection was meant to be. There are some other little details like her call sign "KITT" and her lucky number "8" on there. Lastly, Flying high in the skies overhead are two planes owned by Nathan and Amie's Grandparents. I have the models right but not the colors. Nathan didn't have any reference for those so I took a guess. This was such a fun drawing to do. I have finished but am going to play with it a bit more in photoshop and create a black & white, vintage photo look for sure.

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